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Excellence in this World and Excellence in the Hereafter.


History of Dar-e-Arqam

Dar-e-Arqam has sweet memory and unique grace in the history of Islam. No doubt, it is the pioneer educational institution of the Muslim society which came into being under the leadership of the Rasool Ullah (S.A.W.W), The Prophet of Islam. This was the foremost school of Islamic though, established at the residence of Hazrat Zaid Bin Arqam (R.A.A), the well-known companion of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). The school attained zenith in its mission and the fragrance of Islam spread far and wide under the sun. Arqam Educational Society is upholder of the same mission.

Among the pioneers; four of the personalities are worth mentioning. Professor Sakhawat Ali is a highly learned person who is director of the academic institutes. Secondly Professor Dr. Muhammad Din Qasmee is not less than a moon among the stars who has written a lot of books in the field of education. Still more Dr. Shafqat Javed and Mr. Anwar Bhatti are generious philanthropist persons who are keeping their anonymity, give financial help to the needy and deserving persons. Last of all, it is sine-qua-non to mention the late Dr. Mubarak Ali, a real impetus of Aram Education Society, an extra ordinary genius person whom we can not forget.

Colleges Address


Near Kaleem Shaheed Colony, Faisalabad Cell: 0321-6611106


G.M. Abad, Faisalabad Cell: 0321-6611106

DAR-E-ARQAM COLLEGE (Boys & Girls Campus)

Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. Phone: 041-8780117


What peoples say about us!..

Dar-e-Arqam High Schools both for male and female have been showing outstanding academic result but the most remarkable aspect of the school is its Quranic Education approximately 30

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Top Position Holders
Dar-e-Arqam Achievements.

TopperWe are glad to announce that Dar-e-Arqam Schools & Colleges are producing intelligent and brilliant students that are acquiring high grades in exams and achieving top positions.

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Syllabus & Schedule
Uniform, Syllabus & School Timing.

English language is the medium of instruction in Dar-e-Arqam. In the modern age, English has developed into the language of modern knowledge i.e. Science, Medicine, and Technology etc.

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