Total Child Development Program (TCDP) 

For the first time in Pakistan Dar-e-Arqam chain of schools introduced a comprehensive training programme for teaching children proper child-to-child and child-to-community interpersonal verbal/nonverbal communication behaviour skills for them to succeed in their personal as well as social lives. The program boosts children's self-esteem and develops in them a sense of responsibility and respect towards themselves. schools, family and society at large. turning them into successful Muslim citizens of the Pakistan of tomorrow.



 DAS has well-  researched "centralized examination system" executed at the end of two academic terms within a year.  Alongside, there are two mid-term exams to further strengthen the system and to enable the student to prepare  themselves for final exams. While daily, weekly and quarterly test system is introduces specially for 8th 9th and 10th  classes.
 This not only prepares them for end-of-the-term exams but it helps  them retrain knowledge on long term basis helping them out  throughout their lives and careers. The parents are apprised of the result and assessment of their kids throughout the academic year.


Research & Development

Better decisions require better information Complex societies and education systems require a sound knowledge base for practitioners and policy-makers. DAS educational R&D is contributing to new insights and a common knowledge base for its unique country-wise school system benefitting society at large. R&D functions entail development of new. improved books supporting latest pedagogical approach. compilation of workbooks that not only sad children. but also appeal to their psychology providing Day-Wise Planners and Academic Calendar.

Training & Development

T&D Department functions with a vision to develop a motivated, proactive. dedicated and disciplined team of "Educators" through high quality capacity bolding for top class service delivery, and is striving hard to train the maximum number Teachers & staff members. It is the apex training department responsible for imparting quality training to the management and all levels of team members in our schools throughout Gujrat Region. In order to inculcate requisite attitudes, skills and behaviors and to deliver education of efficiently and effectively.