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Education and educationists at Dar-e-Arqam are not confined to the four walls of the school. Education is formally and systematically provided with a broad view of curriculum but it does not end there. In our opinion, it is a continuous process and goes on from the cradle to the grave. Life and its experiences teach us a number of important facts. Thus we may conclude that the education imparted in formal schools is only a part of the whole and process is influenced by the religious, social and traditional background of the society. Therefore, care of this background is a shared responsibility between home and school. Working with parents, families and community is considered an essential element of teaching at Dar-e-Arqam.

The development and maintenance of Islamic culture and civilization are basic objectives as the creation of Pakistan was the result of our desire to develop all walks of life according to the Islamic values of liberty, equality and fraternity. So we believe that education should set forth to equip our students with a moral force and a sense of justice, learning process should enable them to think correctly and behave properly, it should inculcate the spirit of serving the helpless and the down trodden. Knowledge should be considered as the pursuit for truth and a desire to struggle for the noble causes in the fields of science, Arts, Social justice and welfare. Therefore, Dar-e-Arqam aims to prepare our youth for their material well being, but without mad competition competition and keeping in mind that this world is a transitory phase, a test and a preparation for the life hereafter.

The curriculum is seen as the whole teaching-learning activity both inside and outside the classroom.

An equal measure of importance is given to:

  • WHAT is learnt / taught and HOW it is learnt / taught.
  • WHAT is achieved and HOW it is achieved.

The curriculum emphasises at all stages and at appropriate levels:

  • Religion
  • The essence of being a human being;
  • The human condition on earth
  • The relation of the individual and society.

Skills associated with

  • Religion
  • Human relationships
  • Language(s)
  • Number
  • Thinking
  • The eye and the ear
  • The appreciation of beauty
  • Information
  • Making and creating